Professional Pension Services

of Arkansas, Inc.


 Third Party Administration for Qualified Retirement Plans

Whether you would like for us to assist in the administration of your existing defined contribution plan (profit sharing plan, 401(k) plan, or money purchase pension plan) provide a design and cost analysis of a new plan, or maybe you just have a question regarding employer sponsored retirement plans -- whatever your need, we are here to help.

Plan administration is our only business. We offer a high level of expertise in professional and compliant services. We have the capability of working with all types of providers of investment services, as we are independent.

Our niche clients can attest to the fact that we offer a fair combination of expertise, services and price.

Plan Document Preparation, Amendments and Restatements; Participant Recordkeeping; Plan Accounting, Annual Return/Report (Form 5500 Series), Tax Reporting (Forms 945, 1099-R and 1096); Plan Audit Services (IRS and DOL).

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